Custom Molding Services, Inc.

Industries We Serve

Specific needs are met for each industry we serve. Over the past 40 years we have served the following industries.

  • Marine- Custom Molding Services can manufacture a number of marine related parts and products. Items such as live wells for boats, table tops, side panels, swim platforms and dash components. Custom Molding has manufactured small two and three man boats and with our large machine we have the capacity to make a large spectrum of marine products.
  • Industrial- A large portion of our business is in the area of industrial related manufacturing. We manufacture and sell rail car hatch covers (lids) and dump valve dust covers which are both also used by over the road trailers. We also have the capacity to mold container/crate lids and covers as well as panels, tubs, bins. We can also manufacture industrial equipment molded plastic parts for machinery, transportation and storage.
  • Sports- at Custom Molding Services, we have the ability to mold sporting related parts. We currently manufacture and sell the Easy Loader Kennels widely used by sporting dog enthusiasts. In addition, we can mold sporting items such as tops, hoods and roofs for golf carts, utility vehicles and other outdoor vehicles. Custom Molding Services can also mold items such as basketball goals, back yard game boards, plastic swimming pool parts and accessories, snow sleds and other related items and small boats, canoes and boating devices.
  • Medical- Custom Molding Services manufactures hospital room equipment utilizing the tough and durable material Kydex. We can mold items in the medical field such as wall panels, equipment shrouds and covers as well as table tops, tubs, bins and bed panels.
  • Transportation-As mentioned above, we can mold a number of lids and transport container covers. We can also mold items for the transportation industry such as table tops, seat backs, shower walls, wall panels, etc; for recreational vehicles and travel trailers. We can also mold the shell and lid for small trailers as well as mold items such as seat backs, tray tables and side panels for aircraft.
  • Recreational- We have the capability to mold items such wheel barrel tubs, food bins and troughs, gardening planters and animal and pet supplies. We have the ability to mold a large number of outdoor recreational products as well as shrouds and guards for exercise and workout equipment.
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